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Gluten Free Super Pancakes! 

I’ve been cray for “bills pancakes” here in Japan, which usually need you to get in line for 1~2 hours to just get in. So instead of doing that, I’ve came up with my own pancakes. 

I searched on line and found Bill’s recipe, and made in into gluten free! Mine tastes a lot like bills, but lighter, and healthier. I also don’t use butter as well. 


Ricotta cheese- 115g

Gluten free flour - 70g

Eggs - 2(separate egg whites and egg yolks)

Soy milk- 85ml

Baking powder- 1/2

Salt - little 


Make sure you separate the egg whites and make a really fluffy melange. This will help the pancakes to rise more! 


(via rilakkumma)

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